Bellevue Driveway Repair

Nebraska Driveway Services has spent many years serving the Bellevue area of Omaha Nebraska with top-notch concrete driveway maintenance services. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to save money and time for each and every customer by maintaining rather than replacing expensive concrete work in the driveway. Just like getting an oil change for your car every year helps to ward off expensive repairs, having regular tune-ups on your driveway concrete will save you money in the long run.

Concrete Driveway Services

Whether you have concrete or asphalt, we have the expertise to handle certain techniques that will help preserve and prolong the life of your concrete. When you are installing a new driveway, we can help with concrete staining. For a deep, rich shine and color, you can choose from a variety of types of concrete stain that will add an artful, custom look to your home approach. There are literally dozens of colors and finishes to choose from ranging from dark and matte to light and shinier.

Some of the most influential elements that contribute to the degradation of your concrete are both natural and man-made. Sun, heat, and particularly water can wreak havoc on concrete, weakening its potential and degrading its integrity. Weight and pressure combined with road salts, oil, and grease also damage your concrete over time. When the effects of these elements compound, you can notice the signs of wear and tear more readily. A good sealant applied over the concrete just after installation and periodically during the life of the concrete can help to stave off these types of effects.

Cracking, Heaving, and Pothole Repair

If you already have a concrete driveway, but needs it to be sealed or resealed, we have a range of excellent sealants and application techniques to add durability and strength to your concrete’s finish. Perhaps you are noticing some signs of disrepair and want to have a few things addressed to improve the look and functionality of your concrete driveway. At Nebraska Driveway Services, we always recommend having a professional check out any red flags to make sure that your concrete is in good condition. The sooner you have things like this repaired, the more helpful it is in terms of adding time to your concrete’s lifespan.

Whether you are noticing alligator cracking, heaves, potholes, or a general un-leveling, our expert technicians can get the job done quickly and correctly, usually for a minimal cost. Caulking and joint repair are two of the easiest ways to address some of the common issues with concrete. A little caulking applied in a small crack the asphalt goes a long way to keeping out water that leads to its erosion. Repairing a joint at two seams like where the garage and driveway meet is also one of the best ways to prevent water from getting under the slab.

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About Bellevue

Bellevue was originally the Sarpy county seat of the government in Omaha, Nebraska before it was moved to Papillion in October of 1875. Incorporated in 1855, Bellevue is known as the 2nd oldest settlement in Nebraska. Located just 15 miles or so due south of downtown Omaha, Bellevue is a small suburb with about 50K residents. It is bordered in the east by the Missouri River. With its own University and home to the Sarpy County Museum, the area is rich with history and culture. It is also a Mecca for things to do such as shopping, recreation, and more.

Centrally located close to all the best that Omaha has to offer, Bellevue is one of the easiest places to access Fontenelle Forest. A 1,400-acre forest, it includes miles of hiking trails, a beautiful nature center, annual children’s camp activities, and more. With a newly renovated gift shop and day-trip facilities like picnic areas, this destination spot is a family-friendly experience for all ages to enjoy. Listed as a National Natural Landmark and a National Historic District, the forest includes hardwood deciduous forest, extensive floodplain, loess hills, and marshlands. Visit Bellevue, Omaha for an enjoyable, family vacation.

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