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When you are searching for the best concrete driveway maintenance contractor in the Chalco area of Omaha, we at Nebraska Driveway Services want you to know that your search is over. We’ve spent years serving our local community with a dedication to only the highest quality products and services to help you get the most out of the life of your concrete driveway. With a focus on paying close attention to detail, providing above and beyond what is expected, and going the extra mile with each and every job, we are your trusted Chalco driveway maintenance specialists.

High-Quality Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Your concrete driveway takes a real beating from years of sun, sand, salt, water, and pressure. It’s no surprise that your driveway starts to look worn only a few short months or years after it is poured. Depending on how much water was used when it was initially batched, the concrete will start to degrade over time. Too much moisture is one of the main ways that concrete deteriorates.

Once the cracks start to appear, water begins to get in and under the concrete and into the subsoil. That water then begins to affect the integrity of the subsoil underneath, compacting it and making it heavy so that it begins to sink. Understandably, the concrete that is sitting on top of that subsoil also begins to sink. What occurs next is an unleveling of the concrete, where one side of the driveway is level and the other side starts to be at a lower elevation. This can make the driveway not only unattractive but unsafe for walking and driving.

Driveway Repairs and Replacements

You would think that this problem would be difficult to repair. However, with our expert technology and techniques, we can easily bring that elevation back up to restore your concrete driveway to like new in no time. Using a technique called mudjacking, we can drill tiny holes in the asphalt, hydraulically fill it with a sand and silica-based adhesive product, and that pressure that is created literally forces the concrete back up to elevation, repairing the sunken concrete. For the small cost, and only a couple of days of drying and curing time, you are back in business.

If you notice cracks, holes, joints that are untreated, and an unleveling of your driveway, you can reach out to us at Nebraska Driveways Services. We will offer you a no-obligation free quote on what it will cost to fix your concrete problems to bring your concrete back to looking its best. Our highly trained, friendly customer service agents will walk you through the process, explain and answer any questions, and schedule your concrete repair right away.

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Reach out to us today! No matter what kind of concrete or asphalt problem you may be having, we can help. You can rely on us at Nebraska Driveway Services to repair and restore your Chalco home’s driveway for an affordable cost. Most of our services only take a few hours or days to complete. Give us a call and schedule your service now!

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About Chalco

Chalco, Nebraska is a small area just south of the Millard Airport, West of Omaha and South of West Omaha. With a population of only about 10K people in the 2010 census, the city is a small bedroom community that serves the larger metro area of Omaha. Likely named after a Mexican city, it was established in 1888 with the post office. With a thriving local community fueled with local businesses, shopping, and recreational activities, Chalco is one of the more outlying areas of the city, but still close enough to access all that Omaha has to offer.

One of the more famous features in Chalco is the Chalco Hills Recreation Area. Being only 12 miles west of downtown Omaha, the park is about 1200 acres with 250 acres of Wehrspann Lake, an artificial reservoir. Managed by the Natural Resources District, the park offers 7 miles of trails for walking, biking, and jogging, places for picnics, and opportunities for fishing as well. As one of Nebraska’s premier fishing spots thanks to anglers’ support of catch and release, you can spend the day trying for some Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Sunfish and, Crappie. It is one of the sweetest little recreation places in the Omaha area.

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