The Durham Museum in Omaha, NE is located in Omaha Union Station. The Durham Museum is recognized as a premier resource for entertainment, historical preservation, and education in the Omaha area. The museum’s beautiful architecture takes visitors back in time. Union Station is one of Omaha’s historical landmarks. The museum offers exhibits that teach about history, science, culture, industry, and more. The Durham Museum is in affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress as well as the National Archives.

Upon entering the building, you will walk into the large room and will immediately notice all the train station features. The exhibits will be found all over the grounds and the museum features a Soda Fountain and Candy Shop for visitors to enjoy sweet treats and lunch when visiting. Adults and Children can walk through the exhibits to learn about the history and culture of the community. Each experience will be different depending on the visiting exhibit on display during your visit. You will enjoy the air-conditioned experience with your family. The Durham is a great space for your private event and they also offer tours to visitors who prefer a guided tour. The museum is a wonderful place to get lost for the day.


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