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At Nebraska Driveway Services, we believe that you only get one chance to make a first impression. For most of us, our driveway is one of the first things to be seen for those walking by, driving by, or pulling into the house from the street. It is from this first impression that your guests determine how you maintain your home. Just a few cracks in the cement can give the wrong impression, an impression that you are not intending nor would you want to be associated with the way you truly feel about your home.

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Let us break it down. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to all that needs to be done as a homeowner to maintain your place. You bought your home when it was new. The freshly poured concrete in the driveway was dark, sleek, and perfect in every way. Over the first year, heat and cold started to make that concrete swell and contract over and over again. Small cracks began forming that allowed for water to begin leaking in and under the concrete into the subsoil. Dandelions, mold, algae, and fungus began to grow in the cracks. From there, you can imagine what happened next.

A gradual un-leveling started showing signs slowly at first. Then almost what seemed like overnight, one half of your driveway was what seemed like 6 inches lower than the other side. In one year, when summer hit, all of a sudden you could see the damage that a little disrepair did to your concrete driveway. Grass cutting and weed control have now become a nightmare and you are worried about the long term health of your driveway. There is only one way to handle things when you notice signs of deterioration.

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One of the things we make a priority is setting a schedule for regular maintenance to keep these kinds of scenarios from becoming expensive construction projects. A little crack sealing, joint repair, caulking, mudjacking, concrete staining, and sealing can stave off common stress problems in concrete so that you can prolong the amount of time in between concrete driveway repair or replacement. Maintenance is the key that makes all the difference.

When you first begin to notice signs of any of the following such as alligator cracking, erosion, scaling, uneven pavement, or full-on disintegration, reach out to our expert team at Nebraska Driveway Repair to get an inspection of the problem so we can get started on a solution. We stress in our work that a little maintenance upfront can really add value when it comes to lowering costs is that in the long run. When it comes to everything home projects, and especially eroding areas like concrete driveways, parking areas, walkways, and porches, early detection and prevention is the key to saving money.

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Our affordable, high-quality services make it easy to attend to what needs to be done in a timely manner without breaking the bank. You are able to reap the rewards of the money you save each year when you choose Nebraska Driveway Repair Services to help. Call for your free quote today!

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About East Omaha

Claimed by Edmund Jeffries in 1853, East Omaha joined the city in 1854 and is located just 3 miles outside of downtown Omaha near the Eppley Airfield and Carter Lake. Created in 1877 by one of the many floods to hit the area over the last century and a half, thus altering the course of the Missouri River, Carter Lake and its creation by the devastation of weather is not the only weather-related havoc in the region.

As many as 40,000 people were evacuated from the area in 1952 from another flood. It was later called a disaster area during a visit by then-President Harry S. Truman as much of the East Omaha and Carter Lake area was destroyed. Businesses were closed for days and the airport was reportedly underwater for a time.

East Omaha was also severely damaged by the Easter Sunday Tornado of 1913, which destroyed dozens of local businesses and the surrounding neighborhoods. According to news reports, when the tornado crossed Carter Lake and the East Omaha bottom, the twister “sucked the lake water high into the air” like a water spout. The lake homes and cottages were mostly all destroyed by the almost 1/2 mile path that was cut right through the city.

Though the city has never been a thriving part of Omaha because of the constant flooding and evacuation, it is a memory lane of historic business buildings and homes. Sociologists after 1976 demolishing of the local school building stated that it felt more like, “a place in the city, but not really a part of the city”. As the rest of the city has been absorbed into Omaha over the last decade, according to those left in the area, by the 2000s, nothing was left to remind anyone that an East Omaha neighborhood used to be there at all.

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