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When you are looking for the number one North Omaha Driveway services in the area, reach out to us at Nebraska Driveway Repair for a free quote of how we can help not only to repair but to maintain the functionality and aesthetic quality of your driveway or carport. Over the lifespan of your concrete features such as the front-drive approach, extreme weather and temperature conditions coupled with repetitive pressure can lead to the appearance of stress cracks. Caused by the contraction and expansion of the concrete itself, it can lead to poor drainage and the eventual shifting of the subsoil underneath the cement.

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The eventual shift in the ground causes the cement to literally sink, becoming un-level with other parts of the cement. Mold, algae, and weeds begin to proliferate underneath and into the cracks. Both unsightly and unhealthy, these allergens wreak havoc on your vehicles as well as the health of you and your family. With a little periodic attention, you can add years onto your driveway concrete.

The driveway is usually the first thing you see when you drive by or up to your home entry. It is seen by everyone driving on the roads nearby, walkers on the sidewalk, and people in your neighborhood. When it is in good repair, it defines your pride of ownership statement to the world. When it looks in disrepair, it can set the tone for your property. Along with poor lawn care, poor concrete care can be a real red flag of overall property health. The first thing a prospective buyer thinks when they see cracks is “foundation issue!” Even when a driveway has cracks that are not at all structural to the home, having cracks repaired always gives a better impression while also staving off further damage to the areas.

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Whether you are in need of some light cement caulking or sealing to preserve and protect your cement driveway or whether your cement is already experiencing an un-leveling problem requiring a process called mudjacking to repair, we have specialized services that can save the day and keep you from having to have your driveway replaced in most cases. Our cement services are usually quite surprisingly affordable, helloing you to get the most out of your concrete. Our mission is to help you experience the fact that it does not cost a fortune to give your driveway the attention it deserves.

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From mudjacking to joint repair, our expert team can diagnose your issues and match the appropriate method to restore your concrete driveway to its previous glory. Whether you are looking for concrete staining for a deep, gorgeous, long-lasting color or you want to have a regular sealant applied as recommended to help prolong the life of your cement, we use only the highest quality products coupled with attentive, reliable service. At Nebraska Driveway Repair Services, we aim to be your trusted North Omaha driveway repair service contractor for all things concrete.

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About North Omaha

North Omaha is a funky little area just north of downtown Omaha and includes some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods including Near North Side, Bemis Park, Saratoga, and Florence. With a history dating back to 1812, this area of the city has historical roots steeped in the fight for racial justice. As the birthplace of famous leaders such as Malcolm X and Whitney Young, North Omaha has been at the center of efforts for civil rights.

Also born in North Omaha was Jewish-American author Tillie Olsen, a labor organizer in a packinghouse who wrote about women and the poor working class. With labor union coordination throughout the 20th century from both the Jewish-American and African-American communities, though North Omaha has not been known only for civil rights unrest such as in other communities on the front lines of justice for human rights. However, it has certainly held a spotlight as an epicenter in the political and civil rights movement of the last century or more.

A Place in Civil Rights History

Certainly, the most influential area of the city in history was the Near North Side of Omaha, from the 1920-1950s as the stretch from 24th and 16th streets became known as “Street of Dreams” where the city’s black culture was thriving. After the civil rights riots of the late 1960s and a major restructuring of the area leading to less support from the city, North Omaha became known for being a tougher area of the city. Appreciated for some of the most stunning historic buildings in the city, North Omaha is a Mecca for cross-cultural artisans of all kinds.

With a focus by local representatives including civil rights activist and Senator Ernie Chambers on the health of the city and its residents, Omaha continues to draw attention to its place in history. It has been said that the civil rights movement has had a significant legacy in North Omaha. At its heart are some of the most historic buildings and socially driven political activity that any downtown area could have in its tapestry.

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