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When you live and work in the north country, you see a lot of work being done around the city on surface concrete areas such as the highway projects, the chip sealed parking lots, and new blacktop in places all over retail and medical offices. It seems that every year during the height of summer, multi-lane roadways are forced down to one lane for construction, putting off travelers of both kinds of local and non-local tourists alike. The reason that the projects seem to be a never-ending stream of repairs in progress is that concrete is highly susceptible to moisture and temperature.

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In the north, we have more than average rainfall and less than average temperatures for a good portion of the year, certainly from November to April. Though concrete is by far one of the most stable materials for roads, driveways, and parking lots, it can take a beating from day one. If it is installed correctly from front to finish, concrete truly stands the test of time better than other materials. With a little maintenance, it can last for decades without needing to be replaced.

When putting in a new driveway, firstly the concrete has to be installed in above freezing temperatures, making winter concrete pours risky and prone to costly mistakes. Secondly, the amount of water used in the mixture needs to be perfect or the concrete will begin cracking almost immediately upon drying with the slightest stress like pressure from the weight. The less water the better in most cases. However, water makes concrete easier to pour evenly with less work, so the tendency for many contractors is to add water to both stretch the concrete and make it pour faster and more fully with less handling and waste. The result will be less than perfect when corners like these are cut.

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If you bought your house with a concrete driveway already installed and it is showing signs of disrepair, you can imagine how it was installed and see the kinds of things that begin to show. Alligator cracking, potholes, and uneven concrete are the telltale signs that either the concrete was not installed properly or the driveway has not been attended to with the maintenance that was needed to ward off such degradation to the concrete. When concrete pouring deviates from simple but powerful rules, it can wreak havoc on your concrete driveway.

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We are the company you can call when you start to see the signs of problems on the horizon. At Nebraska Driveway Repair Services, we have years of experience evaluating concrete issues and applying the proper remedy to restore them. From caulking to joint sealing to mudjacking, we have a solution to fix most of the common problems that appear in concrete over time. We firmly believe that by working with us over the years, you’ll save thousands of dollars on not having to replace your concrete driveway. That is our goal. Give us a call today for your free quote on repairing your driveway to look its best all year round.

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South Omaha is a wonderfully eclectic mix of cultures and lifestyles. Seated just West of the Missouri River and Riverside Park in downtown Omaha, the traditional borders of South Omaha included Vinton Street to the north Harrison Street to the south, and 42nd Street to the west. As home to ethnic cultures from around the world, South Omaha is a Mecca of food, art, culture, and celebrations of heritage. Walk anywhere 24th Street and you’ll fund dozens of family-owned, locally supported shops like restaurants featuring foods from Polish, Czech, German, and Mexican cuisines.

It has been said that no two salsas in South Omaha are alike because there are so many styles of Mexican cuisine offered by authentic family-owned businesses. Mariachi music is as common as pop radio in this fun area of town, a melting pot of cultures. From the Nebraskan love of corn to the husks of a corn tortilla for a tamale, you can get a flavor of how the different cultures blend in Omaha. With a scenic view of the river and a few other great recreational spots in South Omaha, it is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening either in nature or in the city enjoying the parks and nightlife.

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