Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, Nebraska, or Dam Site 16, is a park located in West Omaha. The lake is 135-acres and is used as a place for boats in the summer season and as a frozen ice skating rink in the winter months. Visitors can enjoy some of the best trails Omaha has to offer inside the boundary of the park. Standing Bear is home to lots of different wildlife. Hikers and Bikers have reported seeing deer, foxes, rabbits, and a variety of birds and insects.

In the summer months, mature trees provide lots of natural shade in the summer. The trail that goes around the lake is now completely walkable as a bridge was added for visitors to be able to walk from end to end. In the winter months, you can bring children on hills that are steep enough for sledding. The highest hill is at the point of the dam on 132nd St. There are different entrances to Standing Bear Lake park. Visitors love the new walking bridge and kids find it to be exciting to cross.

Along with entrances for walking visitors, there are multiple boat ramps available for boaters to access the water. There are five ramps into the lake total. Fishing, boating, kayaking walking, biking, and grilling are all permitted within the park. The park features a kids area and a paved trail. Along the trail you can find benches and lush lawns for picnics and other field games.


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