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When you live in West Omaha and commute into the city to work every day, you get a lot of miles in every week. That tends to put a lot of stress not just on you and your car, but on your driveway as well. The subsequent wear and tear combined with the harsh Nebraska weather will make your home driveway and parking area a candidate for West Omaha driveway repair sometime in the future. At Nebraska Driveway Repair Services, we have the skills to repair and maintain your concrete driveway by using only the highest quality products and installation services.

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Concrete is an excellent material for driveways. It is strong, inexpensive to produce, and relatively eco-friendly in that it can be reused and recycled. However, as great as it is, it is not perfect. It will require regular upkeep, albeit infrequently. The more attention it gets, the longer life it will have without needing to be jacked up and replaced. Let’s face it. We all want to help avoid that scenario for you as it comes with a huge price tag in both time and resources.

Given the minimum of regular maintenance, your concrete driveway can last 20 plus years easily. Depending on the conditions when the concrete was poured and how well it was installed, you may notice signs that it needs a little TLC within the first few years of new asphalt or concrete going in. Cracks, bumps, holes, and an un-leveling of areas of the concrete will all be warning signs that your concrete has shifted due to repeated exposure to water and freezing temperatures. Once large holes and alligator cracking start taking over, the kind of work you need to repair it becomes more complicated, invasive, and time-consuming.

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While most of that kind of damage is completely common or normal, if it is attended to in a timely manner, the effects of the damage can be contained quite a bit. That can help prolong the life of the concrete. From simple techniques such as caulking and joint sealing to more complicated techniques like mudjacking, we can restore your concrete driveway to its previous glory. No matter what kind of driveway you currently have, be it asphalt or concrete, long or short, curved or straight, we have the tools and expertise to repair and maintain it to look the best it can as it ages.

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Whether you need staining or sealing or one of more restorative caulking or joint repair services, we can handle your needs expertly in every way. Our certified team has thousands of hours under our belts repairing concrete all over the West Omaha area, so we know exactly what kinds of problems are most common. Let us help repair your driveway and get you back on the road to wellness with our 5-star driveway repair services. At Nebraska Driveway Repair, we are your trusted driveway contractors for all things concrete! Call us for a free quote today!

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About West Omaha

West Omaha is the metro area just west of 72nd Street in the city of Omaha, NE. It is a bedroom community just outside Omaha City’s downtown area that offers easy access to the state’s major highways for commuters. Featuring lots of shopping opportunities and family entertainment, this fast-growing area of the city sprawls over several miles bordered by 72nd Street on the east, Harrison Street on the south, the Platte River on the west, and Rainwood Road to the North.

One of the more attractive places to visit in the area is Zorinsky Lake Park, boasting scenic views and native tall grasses. Towards the southern part of the suburb, this lovely spot offers about 250 acres of water plus a surrounding area filled with modern, clean playgrounds and sports areas. There are baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and even a football field for local amateur games. For the nature lover, there are hiking and bicycling trails for a great place to get a morning run in before work. There is also and a universally accessible fishing dock, so weekends can be sure to offer a boating trip on the lake for fun.

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