Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska is the ideal place to go shopping and have fun. You will see stores like H&M and Bath and Body Works. The mall is a family-friendly shopping destination in the Omaha area. You will be excited to see all of the different stores situated in the Westroads Mall. There are a number of dining options you can take advantage of when visiting the sprawling shopping center. Kids will enjoy spending time in the soft play area. You will be happy to choose from a number of new releases playing at the movie theater in the Westroads Mall.

The Westroads Mall is open daily and is a great place for people to get exercise and encourages older visitors to come to the mall to walk the grounds through their walking program. The mall has free wi-fi available for your convenience and is airconditioned in the summer and heated in the winter months. The mall is well taken care of and is very clean. There are public restrooms and the building is wheelchair accessible. Many events are held throughout the year at the mall and you can sign up for the Westroads Mall Newsletter to keep up with all the interesting events.

The Westroads Mall’s mission is to work towards a better-shared future with the community in Omaha. They believe one of their biggest responsibilities is to support the people they serve. They help to accomplish this by working together with the following partners to benefit the local community, such as Feeding America and Autism Speaks.

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