It can be incredibly frustrating to notice any problems with your driveway. It can be particularly stressful to notice that it has started sinking. Although the sight of a sinking driveway may seem pretty alarming at first, it’s nothing unusual at all. That’s because it’s actually a pretty common issue that countless property owners face on a daily basis. If your driveway has taken on a sunken appearance, it may be related to a handful of different causes.

Foundation Woes

You can’t expect the surface of a driveway to function well without a top-notch foundation. If you have a foundation that wasn’t set up in the correct manner, then it may lead to noticeable driveway sinking. Faulty compaction techniques are sometimes behind foundation sinking troubles. There are other potential issues that involve foundations, too. If you have a foundation that’s feeble, then it could lead to sinking. If you have drainage that just isn’t up to par, the same thing goes.

Leakage of Water

Leakage of water isn’t usually a good thing. It can be particularly bad for people who want their foundations to remain in tiptop condition for extended stretches of time. You should pay careful attention to the emergence of any and all pipe leaks, surface splits and anything else along those lines. These things can bring on the accumulation of significant amounts of water. That’s how they can make nearby soil a lot less powerful. This loss of power can bring on conspicuous sinking.


Severe thunderstorms can in some cases do a number on driveways. Intense rainfall can rapidly wreak havoc on driveways in the midst of storms. It can bring on water that can flush the soil that’s below driveways. This is a particularly big concern for people who have gutter downspouts that clear themselves out close to their driveways. For assistance, contact us about our driveway mudjacking services

Other Environmental Components

There are other natural components that can influence whether driveways sink. You may reside inside of a property that is situated on top of the ground that just isn’t even. If you reside in a marshy area, this may just be the case. If you reside in a place that has root development, it may just be the case as well. Note that sinking isn’t at all uncommon for people who live in communities that have recently been constructed. If your house hasn’t been standing for long at all, the land that it’s on may not have been able to get used to its surroundings. This may be the result of a lack of time. It may even be the result of material selection that was questionable.

Ignored Driveway Cracks

Driveway cracks that were brushed off in the past can sometimes bring on sinking. If you failed to fix a crack that emerged, it may be the culprit behind any sinking you notice. Water has the ability to travel into cracks and because of that can harm the nearby ground. This can hurt the foundation in a big way.