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Omaha Caulking & Driveway Repair Services

Your home’s concrete approach is the rock of your roll. Just think of how it serves you to get to work on time and then welcomes you home each and every day of the year. Now think of how much it costs to install or replace a new concrete driveway. For how expensive it was as an investment in your home, we at Nebraska Driveway Services think it’s time to give your Omaha driveway maintenance the attention it deserves. Having years of experience offering only the highest level quality of driveway repair services, we are your trusted driveway services for everything from driveway caulking to concrete sealing services.

Expert Driveway Repair Services

Being in the contracting business for many years, we understand all too well that when it comes to home repairs, sometimes the road to ruin is literally the road itself. While critical parts of the house when in disrepair can sometimes take precedence, maintenance of a parking area in front of your house can often be neglected while simultaneously being subjected to the harshest of weather conditions, strong chemicals, and high pressure for all or most of its life. Yet, as far as pride of ownership is concerned, the approach is the first area to be seen and judged by you and your community. That’s why we have focused our entire business on it.

When you call in an expert driveway repair specialist to assess the problem, the road to wellness is all but assured. Offering a full range of  driveway repair services to meet your needs, from concrete maintenance, caulking and sealing, and staining to mudjacking, we can help keep your home looking clean and fresh throughout every season. When it gets the regular maintenance it needs, it will function correctly and last even longer. If you are looking for the best caulking contractors serving Omaha, you can count on our caulking experts and concrete sealing services to help you get the most out of your initial investment.

How Caulking Your Driveway Works

Concrete really shows its wear and tear especially when it is neglected. Old cement is easy to evaluate, whereas newer concrete may only have one or two symptoms of faulty integrity. As a homeowner, you can look out for cracking in the early stages so that the proper driveway repair and maintenance can be done. If caught early, you can postpone more expensive treatments when cracks lead to broken concrete. Caulking and sealing is a top way to prolong the life span of your concrete.

Like having a chip in your windshield, the earlier you can catch the imperfections, the faster it can be repaired before it does further damage. Using strong compounds, the holes can be caulked to both fill the holes to help shed the water while improving the overall look to cover the unsightly appearance of the area. No matter what kind of material you may currently have, we will be able to expertly blend unsightly imperfections and easily upgrade the look of your home, often with minimal cost. Contact our representatives serving Omaha for a free estimate. Our caulking experts are always glad to help.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is an effective way to color your concrete entrance to be artful as well as functional. Using a variety of stains and finishes, we can bring a custom look to any type of concrete flooring both indoor and outdoor. Cement staining is far and away the most popular way to update concrete floors without costing a fortune.

For custom looks, sponging, stenciling, and blending of colors can be done for a rich, deep, long-lasting color that withstands the elements over the years. Stains are available in a range of colors from dark and moody to bright and dramatic. No matter what kind of concrete staining you may be interested in, we have the perfect products, processes, and techniques to satisfy even the most discriminating homeowner.

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Driveway Sealing

From sun and heat to cold and ice, your front drive takes a lot of abuse. Between air temperature swings that cause the concrete to expand and contract and the heavy weight of loaded trucks bearing down on it, constant stress can cause deterioration in the integrity of your materials. Being the leader in driveway repair Omaha, we have an understanding of all of the materials that are commonly used for concrete sealing, a process that can stave off damage that occurs over time.

Driveway concrete sealing using state-of-the-art sealants can truly extend the lifespan of your concrete entry. We have years of experience protecting concrete by caulking and sealing it properly, thus warding off many of the common problems that arise with wear and tear. As an affordable alternative to replacing your entire approach, regular maintenance such as concrete sealing options to keep your costs down.


Over time and with exposure to the elements, concrete can settle as the subsoil beneath begins to shift. Cracks, potholes, and unloved areas will begin to show, which is the tell-tale sign that your concrete drive is in need of some help. While this is a common issue with concrete in changing temperatures and heavy pressure, it can leave your concrete with uneven areas as a side sinks. Mudjacking is the most efficient and effective way to handle that sinking to bring the depressed parts back up to the proper level.

Mudjacking is preferable to putting in a new driveway for obvious reasons such as cost and time. With just a few hours and some cement slurry, your slab can be raised back to its former elevation to bring the proper support to your entry. This is an effective process to level all kinds of concrete areas including garage floors, porches, and patios.

Driveway Joint Repair

As the wear and tear on your approach begin to show, a whole host of problems can begin to deteriorate the quality and structure of your concrete. Water can get into the cracks and degrade the subsoil under the driveway. As the water begins to affect the structure of your soil and concrete, the effect will cause ripples, sunken areas, cracks, and holes to begin appearing in your concrete.

Cracks will also encourage grass, mildew, and mold to affect the composition of your concrete. Driveway joint sealing is a great way to protect your concrete repair from water damage. It increases the stability and durability of your concrete for a minimal investment. Regular driveway repair and maintenance are the key to keeping the integrity of your concrete intact.

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Reach out to us today and let us guide you through the process of having an on-site, no-obligation, free estimate to determine what service you might need. From customer service to our materials and maintenance techniques, we offer only the highest quality services for all of our Omaha driveway clients. If you are looking for the top driveway maintenance contractor serving Omaha, you can count on our expert services to make the way for your better-looking entry.


Please take a look at our photo gallery to review some of the work that makes us the proudest. We’ve gathered photos to illustrate the range of products and services that we provide to help educate our clients on common driveway problems. Your driveway can be easily maintained when you work with an expert such as Nebraska Driveway Services. From concrete sealing, staining, and caulking to driveway joint repair and mudjacking, we have the expertise, experience, and equipment to restore your driveway to look its best. We are your trusted driveway repair and maintenance specialists.

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