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Our team at Nebraska Driveway Services expertly handles all kinds of projects ranging from new driveway installations to concrete repairs. When it comes to concrete staining Omaha, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to create beautiful floor finishes that not only look gorgeous but protect them from damage. Concrete staining adds long-lasting rich color, glossy shine, and decorative elegance to any home flooring, both inside and outside. Using a variety of stains, waxes, and finishes, we’ll create a stunning look for your flooring that makes you feel like your home is a grand showplace.

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From your garage floor to your backyard patio, Nebraska Driveway Services has a wide range of products and services to add stunning and artful creations to beautify your home flooring surfaces. When applied to properly prepared concrete, the stained color application will not chip, fade, or peel away over time, unlike other kinds of paint. Whether you are looking to install a new garage floor with a stained finish, or you just need to add some color to your driveway, patio, walkways, or interior flooring, we can accomplish the task quickly, cleanly, and affordably. Having years of experience serving the great people of Nebraska, we are considered to be the leaders in all things concrete in the area.

The Benefits of Concrete Staining

There are myriad benefits to using a staining product and technique to seal, protect, and decorate your home concrete finishings. Cement staining has become extremely popular over the years because the stains compounds themselves are incredibly durable. A cement floor that has been acid stained is protected from the usual peeling, chipping, discoloration, and fading of most other coloring techniques. Staining also creates an extra layer of protection against water saturation, which drastically reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth on the surface. It also helps reduce the effects of stains from red wine, pet spills, and snow and mud.

Whether water stained or acid stained, this artful yet practical technique is a low-maintenance, affordable way to seal, preserve, and beautify your home floor surfaces. It is also very energy-friendly in your home. A stained cement floor increases the thermal mass in the floor much better than wood or carpet, reducing the reliance on heating and air conditioning systems in your home. Concrete staining also creates a fire-resistant barrier for the floor. There are techniques that can make the concrete resemble tile, stone, marble, or sandstone, making it a lower-cost alternative to other high-end options.

Concrete Staining Services

Offering specialized concrete staining in Omaha, NE, our team at Nebraska Driveway Services are experts in using all the latest products and techniques to apply concrete stains to your patios, garages, and driveways. By employing one of many techniques such as blending two colors, misting for dimension and depth, sponge staining, or stenciling, the design possibilities are almost endless with a stained concrete floor. No matter what techniques we use, you’ll get a deep, rich, long-lasting color and shine every time.

Concrete stain is available in a variety of lovely color choices and patterns to meet any style or taste. Using concrete stains over polished concrete floors will give floors the look of stone or marble at a fraction of the cost of high-end materials like quartz, marble, or stone. After your garage floor is stained with anything from a basic to a high-end product depending on your budget, the end result will be a professional and aesthetically pleasing look for either indoor or outdoor surfaces.

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Our Concrete Staining Process

While the cement staining process is not at all complicated, it can be messy if you try to do it yourself. Water or acid-based products are the two most popular kinds of concrete stain. A water-based stain is closer to paint as it fills the pores of the concrete, but it has a greater tendency to flake or chip over time. If the concrete itself is not prepped properly ahead of time, grinding and polishing will be done before any staining to ensure that the stains adhere to form a longer-lasting finish.

Our professional cement contractors will use high-end equipment to prepare your concrete flooring inside or outside of your home and ensure it is ready. When using an acid-based stain, it can also be hazardous, so we always recommend that you rely on our professional team to do the work for you rather than trying to do the job yourself. Once an acid stain is applied to the floor, it chemically bonds to the concrete itself and will not flake, unlike water-based stains.

The stained concrete will then be sealed and waxed for extra shine, preservation of color, and protection of the floor. The staining process only takes a few hours and dries quickly, so we can get the job done fast for you once we get started. The end result will be shiny, textured, and easy to clean with a simple dust mop, without all the labor of daily polishing and oiling like you must do with marble and wood.

Why Nebraska Driveway Services?

When you are looking for superior results at reasonable prices, choose Nebraska Driveway Services to create stunning interior and exterior concrete surfaces that will last for years into the future. Between our excellent customer service and our skilled tech team, you’ll be treated to exceptional care and services all throughout your floor restoration project. Our high-quality results will surely “WOW” you and your friends when you see the finished product.

Nebraska Driveway Services excels at customized driveway design and execution for all our Omaha customers. We can propose a plan for your project based on your aesthetic preferences as well as your budget. From sparkles to marbling, the techniques we use to create gorgeous concrete finishes that will add to the integrity of your floor concrete and beautify it in the process.

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Nebraska Driveway Services is your trusted concrete staining company in Omaha, NE. No matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve, or what color or colors you want to use, we have the desire to offer you the wonderful look and feel of stained concrete for all of your interior and exterior home concrete areas. Reach out to us today and let’s get started making your concrete vision into a work of art.

Call or email us to schedule your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation to determine what the best techniques and styles will work for you. If you need to get a few ideas of what kinds of finishes we can handle, check out our online photo gallery where we have posted all kinds of options to inspire you. Once we determine the kind and color of stain to use and decide how much preparation needs to be done on your concrete, we can get a date scheduled for your project to begin. Nebraska Driveways Services can pave the way to a beautiful concrete floor for your garage or patio when you choose us to be your go-to contractor for all things concrete.

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