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In an effort to maintain your Nebraska home over the years, you must strike that delicate balance between upgrading your interior to meet your needs and keeping your home exterior in good repair to ward off damage as your home ages. When it comes to mudjacking Omaha, we are the leading concrete repair company in the state. Having years of experience providing a range of driveway services all over Nebraska, our mission is to pave the way for your beautiful home exterior to look its best for years to come.

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Mudjacking is just one of the techniques that we have at our disposal to repair your broken concrete, restoring your driveway to its previous glory without breaking the bank. Over time and constant exposure to heat, cold, moisture, and pressure, concrete settles as a result of changes in the underlying soil. If the base and sub-base were initially compacted correctly and the asphalt was installed properly, these changes might seem subtle, such as minor depressions resulting in cracks, un-leveled areas, or in some cases, much worse.

You may begin to notice signs that your concrete has sunken in elevation slightly or dramatically. For example, your two car garage approach slab might show one side sunken in lower than the other. Slab leveling is one of the most efficient and reasonably priced ways to handle these issues to restore your concrete driveway to elevation for proper drainage, better safety for you and your family, and to restore the aesthetic beauty to your home’s exterior. You can look to our experts at Nebraska Driveway Services to help you maintain your home while also staying within your budget.

The Benefits of Mudjacking

Though it sounds like a labor-intensive process, mudjacking, also known as concrete lifting is actually quite simple, fast, and affordable. It all starts with drilling a few small holes in the sunken concrete slabs. Then, a cement slurry is expertly pumped through the holes to just the right level. The concrete mix then fills the holes and voids in the soil, stabilizing the entire slab foundation. Once the voids are fully filled, the resulting pressure quickly restores the slab back to its original elevation. With just a little caulking at the end, the job is finished in no time.

There are so many reasons to choose mudjacking to solve myriad concrete leveling issues on your driveway. Since there is no concrete removal during the process, there is no cement to dispose of, which makes mudjacking an environmentally-friendly solution. It is also far less expensive than slab replacement and addresses the underlying problem of the soil much more effectively than merely putting in new concrete.

Slab lifting is also a very fast process from start to finish and can usually be accomplished in a few hours for small projects. Unlike a newly poured concrete driveway, which can take a month to fully cure, concrete lifting allows you to be driving on your newly refurbished driveway within 24-72 hours of finishing the task. While there are other types of concrete jacking polyurethanes that can be used instead of cement slurry, concrete is much cheaper, easier, and cleaner to use for a gorgeous installation every time.

Polyjacking Concrete

Polyjacking is an alternative to mudjacking when it comes to repairing a sunken or uneven driveway, carport, or patio. It is a bit more expensive, uses a polyurethane material instead of a mud based one, but is generally more effective with longer lasting results than mudjacking provides. Designed to work in wet or dry situations, the compound polymer foam is injected into tiny holes drilled into the concrete affected areas.

The sunken slabs are lifted back into place within 1/8” precision by the expansion force of the leveling foam combined with the force of the injection pump. The controlled force exerts immediate pressure virtually lifting the affected concrete back up and into place. It does this also by stabilizing the ground or sub-soil under the concrete, thereby protecting it from happening again in the future. Using state-of-the-art resins and polymers results in years of stability over mud which essentially helps to treat the underlying condition that led to the uneven concrete.

The finished look of polyjacking is nicer than mudjacking, though they are comparable in time and ease to accomplish. Both processes are far cheaper and less time and labor intensive than digging up and replacing old, sunken concrete, which can cost a pretty penny and take a month for curing before it is drivable. The polyjacking process can restore and renovate what you already have for just a minimal financial cost and investment in time, with the treated area being drivable in usually just a day or two.

Restore Your Concrete Surfaces

Mudjacking is effective for all kinds of concrete driveway leveling. The process utilizes a sand based material that is infused with Portland cement. This concrete slurry is then hydraulically pumped under the slab to fill all the voids and raise the concrete. If the general integrity of the concrete is good, without crumbling patches everywhere, this technique could save you money, time, while delivering you that clean, fresh driveway that you remember from years passed.

Mudjacking material weighs on average 100 lbs per cubic foot, which is much heavier than alternative techniques. The process can be done in winter only if the outside weather and ground conditions allow for it. Since most projects only take a day to complete, when temperatures warm up even in January or February in Nebraska, we can get the job done for you, regardless of the time of year.

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Is Mudjacking Right For Me?

If you notice cracked sidewalks, fractured pool decks, un-level driveway surfaces, sagging stairs, or crumbling walkways, your home exterior might be the perfect candidate to benefit from the use of mudjacking. It is ideal for smaller jobs such as raising porches or uneven patios back to elevation. It is perfect for fixing elevation problems both in and outside of the garage, as well as on sidewalks to and from the house and stairs up the front walkway as well.

Before we recommend mudjacking for your specific circumstance, we will assess on-site, determine what kind of concrete repair would work best for the longest and strongest outcome, and give you a quote for the project. If concrete patching or crack sealing is a better technique for your situation, we will recommend what will work best. If your concrete issues are just too big for concrete leveling alone, we will be able to help you weigh the pros and cons, as well as the resources in time and money to choose the best technique for the job.

How Much Does Mudjacking Cost?

The underlying issues that cause concrete to sag can go relatively undetected to the point that you risk damage to yourself and your home. Un-level driveways can make drainage a significant problem, raising flooding concerns as well as damage to siding, wooden structures, and walls. Early detection of the appearance of cracking, dips in elevation, and un-leveling is key to repairing the problem before any further damage is done.

Concrete jacking of this type is generally half the price of slab replacement, or even less. Repairing a small driveway could be only a few hundred dollars, so it’s critical to catch and address the problems as soon as you can. While slab-jacking is the least expensive method of professional concrete repair, it may not always be the right solution to the problem. Give us a call if you think you might be in need of some expert mudjacking!

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We can handle any size project from the smallest crack repairs to the complete transformation of your driveway. Let us help you protect your investment and transform your concrete surfaces to be safer, more attractive, and longer-lasting. Reach out to us today and we’ll look forward to showing you just how beautiful your home will look after the full restoration of your concrete driveway.

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