The right sealer can help individuals avoid extensive concrete maintenance. Concrete sealer is used to protect against surface damage, unsightly stains, and corrosion. If you have a small budget, you can hire a professional with expertise, but knowing the right concrete sealant can save you money and be a simple DIY job.

The following post discusses the right concrete sealer to help avoid a costly mistake or a time-consuming do-over.

What Is The Best Concrete Sealer Option Available

A good concrete sealer will seal the pores of your concrete and stop the absorption of water. Choosing the right sealer will help your concrete avoid the elements or protect your driveway during car washes or rinses of debris.

It’s important to choose a sealer that will form an impermeable layer over your concrete. In fact, the sealer should also be able to protect your concrete from salt and other materials from passing through.

Most concrete driveway sealing is available at your local hardware store. However, the type of sealer will depend on your unique concrete job. The nature of your project will determine the type, amount, and size of the concrete sealer that’s needed. For instance, a larger concrete job will call for more sealer.

What The Professionals Suggest

Deep Penetrating

A deep penetrating concrete sealer is great for foundations and basements. The experts recommend RadonSeal in a five-gallon container and it can cover 1,000 square feet.

You have the option of reducing humidity and dust that is known to accumulate in basements. Best of all, it provides a protective seal that’s also water repellent to protect concrete. The deep penetrating concrete sealer action blocks deeper and tighter than other concrete sealers. It’s also great for homeowners with smaller projects. A deep penetrating concrete sealer will cost more, but it does an excellent job of protecting your concrete when and where it’s needed the most.

Plus Penetrating

Plus penetrating concrete sealer is an affordable solution to seal many concrete projects. The active ingredients are formulated to seal, protect, and strengthen your concrete. The plus penetrating formula can be found among many concrete sealer brands. However, PermaSealĀ® is a very popular brand.

Plus penetrating concrete sealer is also used for reducing radon. The protective seal is great for concrete basement walls and floors. Customers can get plus penetrating concrete sealer in five-gallon containers or larger. A five-gallon container is enough to cover any interior or exterior home project.

The above-mentioned concrete sealers can also be purchased in invisible form and guaranteed to reduce the amount of dampness absorbed by your concrete. Whatever kind of concrete sealer you get, it’s important to understand how to apply it properly for the best results. Concrete sealer is a permanent solution and reduces the need for maintenance. There is also a water-based concrete sealer available depending on your needs and the extent of your concrete project.

To learn more about the best concrete sealer for your project, contact a professional or visit your local hardware store today.